Friday, 26 December 2014

Building Design:-Creating Designs For Heights

 Building Design

Whom will you choose?  An architect or a building designer? The difference is simple one. To be called an “architect”, you have to be registered in the Board of Architects. The title “building designer” can be used by anyone designing buildings.

The most important task is knowing what you want from the designers and architect, and choosing someone that suits your job.

The main 2 types of designs are:-
1.     3d type building designs.
2.     2d type building designs.

You can choose from thousands of variety, from roofing tiles and render to the exact size of bolt you need. You can see the design in accurate visual 3d at the touch of a button, walk through, and review the spatial dimensions within your design.

2d building designs
It create accurate 2d architectural building plans for a variety of purposes, from various aspects like foundation plans, drainage, electrics and room features. 

Trends to be followed:-

1. Safety and security first - It is in the most important fact that safety and security took back seat over other parameters in building designs. Most significant things for building standards is that buildings were proof from wind, earthquake, other natural disasters and man-made calamities too.

2. Priority to accommodate the need for updated information systems:- Many topics have been demanding the need of increased bandwidth in their buildings. That's probably why you find developers working overtime to take care at the wiring and ducting of the building. This may require some space, but developers and building designers will not to compromise on this aspect.

3. Green buildings, of course - More and more builders are working on how buildings could get green. Energy efficiency and cost savings is driving a lot of designers to work on greener homes. As these buildings provide fresh air, closer connect to nature and a whole host of other benefits.

 4. Light, ventilation, space and other natural elements - Nobody wants to move into a house that is congested. People just don't want to be miser for space, which make designers and developers to ensure that the rooms are spacious and well-ventilated.

 5. Enforcing the brand of the company, key too - The focus on having their office space as a way to reinforce the company's brand has forced a lot of buyers to look at buying properties that fulfil these requirements. The subtle message delivered by the brand identity does enough to motivate employees and also strike a good relationship with clients too.

6. Collaboration works even in this day of telecommuting - Although telecommuting seems to be more trendy  with about 40 Million telecommuting from their homes, latest building projects seem to address the face-face interaction aspect.

 7. Creating comfort at workspace - Some years back, offices were more of recreational areas rather than strict office spaces, by the traditional stretch of imagination. I except that online business do miracle, but the fact that some recreational space do wonders for employee motivation hasn't been lost on business owners. So you would find a lot of buyers looking for these facets to be integrated in their office spaces.

Apart from eco building projects and modular systems, you would find that buyers of today are increasingly sensitive to the price they pay. They should get what they paid for.

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