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Build Your Dream House With Custom Home Builders Or New Home Builders

Home is a place of solitude and comfort, it is the place where families and loved ones gather and memories are made. It is every person's dream to own a house. You can achieve this dream if you really put your mind to it. The most important options when it comes to owning a house are that either to buy or to build. Buying has become very common these days but it is not that advantageous because the houses are not built according to your personal specifications. If you plan to build your house you will have two options to choose from custom home builders and new home builders.
Benefits of hiring custom home builders

1.     The custom home builders are highly knowledgeable and skilled in the field of construction. You can rely on his advice and make an informed decision that will fetch you valuable results.

2.     You can have complete control over the features and specifications of the house, you also have the freedom to choose the design. The builder will be in a position to get you exactly what you are looking for.

New Home Builders

3.     A custom builder will offer you a variety of services. This includes looking for your preferred space, selecting the right architect services and a lot more.

4.     The builder pays attention to minute details and hence will find you the functional home you have always dreamt of.

5.     You can work out project payment plans with your custom home builder.

6.     Here are the benefits of hiring new home builders:

7.     Superior Value: A new property has a higher resale value compared to used property, thus you should hire a home builder to do the work.

8.     Completely customisable: When building new houses, you can ask the builder to make the house according to your specifications and requirements. Thus, by doing this you may not have to make major renovations in the years to come.

9.     Fewer repairs: New houses have very fewer repairs needed when compared to older houses. 
10.   Warranty protection: Unused houses often come with warranties that protect owners    against builder error and or product defect.

11.     Financing incentives: New home buyers in some cases may be able to take advantage of mortgage financing incentives through their home builders. Thus, for all of the above benefits hiring new home builders might pay off in the end.

Some Tips For Home Renovations Melbourne

Your house is without a doubt the biggest investment that you will ever make. And as it is such a big investment, it is essential that you maintain the house and take care of it by making the necessary repairs on regular time intervals, and most important of all keeping the design of the house up to date. By doing so, the value of your house will effectively increase. However, due to the rising costs, a home renovation will not be your top priority. 

But there a lot of ways to cut down on the home renovations Melbourne expenses. Here are some tips which can help you in home renovations Melbourne and also save a lot of your money:
Look for efficiency, not the size:

Home Renovations Melbourne

Renovating your home does not necessarily mean that you have to create more space in your house. You can add some shelves, concealed or pullout drawers. This can be very useful for kitchen, where the careful planning to get additional space pays off by not needing to the extend the cabinetry into the other room. 

Make use of natural light:

You can let in the natural light into your house without building additional windows and doors. Hence, before you think about smashing your walls for more windows or bifold doors, think about less troublesome ways of having natural light into your home. For example you can make a windowless hallway brighter by installing a solar tube skylight.

Do it yourself! 

If you are quite sure that you want to start a home renovation project, you can make up your own demolition team. Apart from the initial demolition work you can also take up the finishing work such as painting, sanding, installing the insulation and rubbish removal.

Save money in the long run: The pre-finished material can be costly upfront but it allows you to save cash on extensive paint or finishing jobs. Say for example you can get primed and painted weatherboard, skirting, decking boards and even prefabricated wall finishes. These items usually cost more upfront but they will save your valuable time and also your hard earned money. 

Choose the right time:

Renovations jobs can burn a hole into your pocket if you are doing it in peak season. The contractors tend to double their prices in peak season. Thus, you should choose the right time to start the renovation project for your home. 

Do the renovation shopping yourself:
You can buy the remodeling and renovation materials yourself for your home and cut down on the extra charges by the contractors.

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House extension is very effective and feasible.

New Homes Design
Every individual has a different and unique imagination of how he or she wants their house to be. Earlier it was not possible to fulfil all the demands of every individual. But with the passing years and advancement in technology there has been a lot of progress in the field of building and home construction. A lot of creativity and innovation has been added to it. Thus, it is now possible for individuals to turn their dreams into reality and have the house they have always dreamed of. A lot of innovative home designers are now coming into light and constructing marvellous new homes and buildings. Home designers are efficient in providing the best house plans which are both stylish and also comfortable to live in. It is important for the house plans to be accurate and specific, thus it is always advised to seek a professional’s help for the same.

Building design refers to the application of architecture, engineering and technicality in constructing homes and buildings. Nowadays a lot many kinds and varieties of building designs are available. Apart from buildings there are various kinds of new home designs available. These designs are in trend and they keep in consideration all the latest trends and fashions in the home construction field. They are very useful for people who are looking for a unique style of house. These new home designs are built by the new home builders.

Many people these days are opting for custom homes. Custom home designs are the home designs which are created for a specific client and for a specific location. Custom home designs are very unique in their being and are created according to the requirements of the clients. Such houses are mainly built by custom home builders. They are specialised in building custom homes and they provide you with the element of exclusivity for your home.

There are certain people who are emotionally attached to their houses and they cannot bear the thought of demolishing it and building a new one or even moving to a new place. House extensions is the perfect solution for such people. It provides extra space and also reduces the cost of building a whole new place. House extension is very effective and feasible.

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Building designs can be mainly explained as the process

Building designs can be mainly explained as the process of applying architectural, engineering and technical applications to the design of building. In the modern world everything changes rapidly, same goes for building designs. The process of construction of building is a very complex one and needs a lot of effort and dedication, thus it should always be entrusted in the hands of responsible professionals. Building designers Melbourne offer a wide variety of creative designs and structures to choose from according to your style. The architects at building designers Melbourne specialize in their work, and they use the best of their creativity to create a wonderful building. To get advice regarding building you can contact building consultants Melbourne. By the help of building consultants Melbourne you can get the best professional and expert advice related to buildings.

Apart from commercial buildings the field of constructing residential places has also modernised. Every individual wants his/her home to be unique and different. To make this possible, nowadays new homes designs are available. These new homes designs include a number of house plans, these house plans are very creative and they are made according to the expectations of the clients. Some people are emotionally attached with their home and they do not wish to construct a new place instead they opt for house extensions. They reduce the expense of constructing a whole new place and moving in there with your family. Energy rating is essential during the process of house extensions as they are required to meet a minimum energy requirement based on the size of extension. Energy rating Melbourne ensures that you get the perfect energy report be it for your home design, building design or house extensions.

Architectural drafting is a field of architecture which ensures that you get the perfect and flawless design for your house. Architectural drafting offers custom home designs that are perfect and according to the preference of the client. With the increase in creativity and innovation in this field new house plans are being formulated almost each day and the same are being constructed by talented and efficient home designers.

Your place, Your Style – Building Designers Melbourne | Building Design – APT DESIGN DRAFTING AND CONSTRUCTION PTY LTD

Your place, Your Style – Building Designers Melbourne | Building Design – APT DESIGN DRAFTING AND CONSTRUCTION PTY LTD

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Yarraville Extension & Renovation Project

Home Extensions Melbourne
Home Extensions Melbourne
Home Extensions Melbourne
Yarraville Extension & Renovation Project

project of extending and renovating an early 1960s house was tendered
via an architectural firm. It involved the demolition of existing
lean-to which housed the kitchen, meals, laundry & toilet. The
original 4 front rooms remained except for the conversion of one of the
rooms to incorporate a bathroom, laundry & toilet.

A.P.T. Construction Group prides itself on being one of the leaders in home extensions Melbourne and Home Renovations Melbourne. The architect of this project endorses our expertise with the following reference upon completion:

“…From the very initial stage of the project through to completion of the project, Angelo Tiricola and the A.P.T. Construction Group Pty. Ltd.
team provided their extensive knowledge and experience in the field of
construction and displayed a high level of attention to detail. Their
work ethic showed a strong sense of reliability, client interaction,
consistency and fellowship.

I can confidently recommend A.P.T. Construction Group Pty. Ltd. as a skilled and reliable construction company, and experts in their field.”

  • Modern architectural extension to rear of residence
  • Additional container converted into studio & storage.
  • New modern Laminex kitchen with Caesar stone top to island bench
  • Raked high ceiling
  • Timber floor board
  • Timber decking
  • Natural timber wall cladding
  • Large glass areas to backyard and to also absorb the natural daylight
  • In-built book shelving
  • Sunken bath & many more architectural features

ITN Architects (Collingwood, VIC)

-Zvi Belling

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A.P.T. Design Drafting

A.P.T. Design Drafting As a company that has been established since 1987, apart from the extensive trade knowledge our team possesses, we have strong core values that have aided our success in the industry. These company values include honesty, reliability, quality and consistency.

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SAYERS ROAD PROJECT by APT Design, Drafting and Construction

SAYERS ROAD PROJECT - APT Design, Drafting and Construction

Vogue 320’ DesignThis
is an A.P.T. ex-display home which demonstrated our high quality
workmanship. Its innovative design catered for both formal and casual
entertaining with its semi-open living feel. Its kitchen, dining and
rumpus all open to a central alfresco entertaining area.

As a building design company providing drafting service Melbourne, we were able to produce this elegant new home design that made us noticed as outstanding new home builders and also custom home builders.

  • 32sq Modern Contemporary Design

  • Energy Efficient

  • Semi-Open Living

  • Four Bedrooms

  • Alfresco

  • Rumpus

  • Study / Retreat

  • Two-Tone Feature Brick Fa├žade

  • Porcelain Tiles

  • Double Garage
A.P.T. Design, Drafting & Construction Pty Ltd, we like to consider
ourselves a one-stop-shop for all things building design. The process
of design and building can be daunting for some and we are here to make
the ride as smooth and stress-free as possible for our clients. see
detail at

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We specialise in dual occupancy units, whether it be single storey or double storey (townhouse). Here at APT Design and Construction we can take your development site from concept to full design and documentation for town planning permits. Once planning is approved we can prepare full working drawings along with engineering, soil testing and energy rating reports ready for building permit submission. As registered builders, we can also offer our construction services. Basically we are a one-stop shop when it comes to unit development.

* Unit at rear of existing residence
* Units side by side (single or double storey)
* Multi-unit developments
* Full site inspection/measuring

* Unit at rear of existing residence
* Units side by side (single or double storey)
* Multi-unit developments
* Full site inspection/measuring

Architectural Drafting
7 Somers Pde, Altona Vic 3018
P: 03 9398 3277 / M: 0412 321 113
F: 03 9398 3007 

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Architectural Drafting Service & Building Designers Melbourne

Architectural Designs of House plans and home plans are Our Main Service at A.P.T. Design, Drafting & Construction Pty. Ltd. House plan business to help you find your dream house plan. Look through house plans from dozens of Australia based home designers. Whether you are looking for a quick building estimate, a home design modification estimate, or unique sets of a country house plan to fulfill your needs, you have come to the right place!

Architectural Drafting
7 Somers Pde, Altona Vic 3018
P: 03 9398 3277 / M: 0412 321 113
F: 03 9398 3007
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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The concept of building design is not new

Enjoy More usable Space And Improve Quality Of Life With Latest Building Design

Today, the concept of building design is not new, but there are only a few who have the opportunity of converting their dreams into a reality by designing their own building and home. If you really want to designing your own building and home, then you need plenty of time to think about building design, plan as well as huge amount of money to transform your dream home into a reality. Sometime, building design may look great from outside, but it doesn't make sense inside. But it will make sense if you have more usable space inside your building instead of a bunch of odd shaped crawl spaces that you cannot do anything with.

There are many who boast that they have significant square footage in their space, but if you go there, you will find everything looks crowded around. Because it is not well designed and  a lot of square footage is fully occupied with unusable space which is actually a wasted opportunity. Usually you pay for every square foot in your home or business, so you don't want to waste money. However, that's what you're doing when you have a poor building design.

If you have shifted into a poorly design place or want to have space customized according to your needs, then you should contact with an experienced master builder. They can help you to get more usable space and use every square foot on your property. Tell them to create a design for you and then review it with the architect so that you get the opportunity to go over any changes that you would like. Building designers who well experienced in this field sometime choose the orientation of the building on the site to take advantage of the sun or a breeze, or to minimize unfavorable weather conditions.

You should not hand over the designs to a construction company until you are fully satisfied with the overall building design. You may need to modify any of the designs that is very much costly prior to construction. If you decide to add any new things at the middle of the project that you want the entrance to look differently or that you want the floor plan changed dramatically, it could cost you a huge amount of money for purchasing new new supplies and modify structures that are already in place.

For every homeowner, it's easier to have a building designed that utilizes more usable space. In these days, the methods of designing the buildings have gone through many progressive changes. You can have closets that can be stacked high with clothes and supplies, corners for a bookshelf or a chair and much more. Avoid all of those low ceiling heights and unusable strange shaped corners and begin using more of the square feet that you are paying for.

Architectural Drafting
7 Somers Pde, Altona Vic 3018
P: 03 9398 3277 / M: 0412 321 113
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